Gloucester and Sharpness. River Severn. Saul Junction to Stourbridge.

Bake Off is back on the telly! We haven’t go a telly, but we do like to keep one or two things downloaded on the ipad. We also like to have a practice at the Bake Off technical challenge. Who remembers Dave’s Damph Noodlem? Here’s Ann-Marie’s mini rolls. They tasted just as delicious as they looked.
A week after helping to move all of Anne’s stuff out of her bed sit into a van, we were back in Bristol to help her move it, along with another van-full from storage, into her new flat.
That all went very well and she’s very happy. It will be good to go down there in a few weeks and see how she’s settled in.
Our latest NT box tick was Croome.

It’s an odd place with a very chequered history. It has in the past been, among other things, a boarding school, a wartime hospital, a Hare Krishna temple and a property developer’s whimsy. The trust haven’t had it long and they have concentrated most of their efforts on the surrounding park and gardens which were originally majestically designed and land…